Customer summary of our annual performance 2021/22

Our performance

Customer summary of our annual performance

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About this online customer summary

This is a summary of our performance against the commitments we agreed to deliver in year-two of the five-year business plan period called ‘AMP7’.

Understanding our performance

Customer engagement helped us to establish our top priorities for the services we provide, and helped shape our plans and the benefits we will deliver.

Year-two overview

This is the second year of AMP7 and we have seen our best ever operational performance.

  • We achieved our target for reducing leaks for the 16th year in a row and are on track for a 15% reduction across AMP7.

  • We have replaced lead pipework at over 3,500 customer properties, helping to improve the water quality at customers' taps.

  • We continued to roll out our Pollution Incident Reduction Plan, achieving our best ever performance.

  • The number of customers registered for our Priority Services scheme has gone up from 128,000 to over 186,000.

  • Our extensive affordability schemes have provided support to over 200,000 households who are struggling to pay their bills, helping more than 77,000 customers out of water poverty.

  • 79% of customers say we offer value for money.

  • Our dynamic network management model is helping us identify possible problems on the sewer network before they affect the service customers receive.

For AMP7 we have seven ‘outcomes’ which describe what we want to achieve for customers.

These outcomes contain a number of ‘performance commitments’.


Performance commitment not met

Met or exceeded performance commitment

Performance trend:




We are always interested in what customers and stakeholders have to say. If you have any comments about this or any of our other publications, please send them to us at and we’ll get back to you.

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How do underperformance and outperformance payments work?

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